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Founder Runners

Rob Martineau | Profile Picture

Rob Martineau

Rob has run across Devon, Cumbria, the Galilee and the Sahara. In 2010 he cycled from Cape Town to Istanbul 

Guy Hacking | Profile Picture

Guy Hacking

Guy lives and works in London and has completed self styled and organised endurance events in Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Tom Stancliffe | Profile Picture

Tom Stancliffe

Tom has been on journeys - running, biking and walking - in the Himalayas, the Sahara, Oman and Azerbaijan 


Romilly Dennys | Profile Picture

Romilly Dennys

Romilly is a media and policy consultant currently working for the government 

Kata Hajduka | Profile Picture

Kata Hajduka

Croatian-born Ana-Katarina works as a lawyer for Trinity LLP and a producer for Intrepid Cinema 

Sophia Money-Coutts | Profile Picture

Sophia Money-Coutts

Sophia is Features Editor at Tatler. 

Sarah Stancliffe | Profile Picture

Sarah Stancliffe

Sarah studies theology at Bristol University. 

Lucy Johnson | Profile Picture

Lucy Johnson

Lucy runs the Event Bears, an events company based in London 

Clara Mercer | Profile Picture

Clara Mercer

Clara works as Head of Marketing for the British Fashion Council. 

Livi Herrtage | Profile Picture

Livi Herrtage

Livi runs the Event Bears, an events company based in London 

Emily-Rose Gibbs | Profile Picture

Emily-Rose Gibbs

Emi runs Kasimira Party Organisers, an events company based in London 

Love146 Team

Daisy Carr | Profile Picture

Daisy Carr

Daisy is UK Events and Communications Assistant at Love146 Europe 

Gaz Kishere | Profile Picture

Gaz Kishere

Gaz is Operations Director for Love146 Europe 

Tim Waldron | Profile Picture

Tim Waldron

Tim is CEO of Love146 Europe