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Fundraising Goal


Love 146 is committed to establishing a residential trauma recovery centre for trafficked children. RFL1000's fundraising goal of £150,000 will enable Love146 to establish its first residential trauma recovery centre and begin spreading the network of provision across the UK.

Why is a recovery centre needed for trafficked children in the UK?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of trafficked children in the UK. A report authored by the Serious Organised Crime Agency identified that 498 potential victims of child trafficking were found in the UK in 2011. The majority of trafficked children ending up in local authority care are being lost to be re-trafficked and re-exploited.

At the present time, there are no specialist residential trauma recovery facilities in the UK that can provide trafficked children with the security, love, care and therapy that they need.

What is Love146's approach to aftercare?

Since 2002 Love146 has been developing practical responses in survivor care around world. Their philosophy for caring for the child survivors of trafficking is strong yet simple: they keep them safe in a loving environment that allows for their therapeutic restoration and re-entry into life. In April 2009, Love146 opened the doors of the Round Home in the Philippines (pictured above).

The therapeutic approach pioneered by Dr Gundelina Velasco, Love146’s Director of Asia Aftercare and a global authority on counseling psychology, is designed to facilitate the holistic restoration of every child at the Round Home. Love146’s approach combines the needs of the exploited and traumatised child with those of the ordinary child: creating a family environment (children go to school, play sports, do chores) that is safe and secure, at the same time as creating a therapeutic environment that instills hope, effects healing and restoration and promotes growth and development. Ultimately the aim is to bring children full circle, liberated from their trauma and suffering to realise their innate worth and potential.

 What is Love146's vision?

Love146 wants to ensure that there is a safe place for every trafficked child rescued in the UK, by spreading a network of specialist residential care homes across the UK. This will require a collaborative multi-agency response: charities, social services, law enforcement, healthcare and businesses working together. Different size homes in different locations, offering different therapeutic opportunities, ensuring that every trafficked child rescued in the UK has a place that will provide the security, love, care and therapy they need.